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  1. Apr 11,  · Names currently in use or which sound too much like them can't be reused until 5 years after the horse has left racing and/or breeding. As you can see, there are a lot of requirements to meet when selecting a horse name so it can often be a tough task coming up with six names you like to send in on your request.
  2. One of the difficulties with recognizing the signs of Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis (EPM) is knowing what they look like. There are many terms that veterinarians use that are unfamiliar to the average horse owner to describe the various stages and symptoms of the diseases.
  3. Feb 06,  · I would consult a lawyer. Have the lawyer draw up a bill of sale and try to get one signed that way. Provided she has saved receipts for feed, vet bills, farrier ect, has pictures, and can prove she has been caring for the horse and the horse is in her care currently I would think that would be proof enough but she would probably have to go to court and a get a judge to rule.
  4. Jul 12,  · Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis is a progressive neurological disease of horses caused by the microscopic parasite Sarcocystis neurona (S. neurona). This parasite has a two-host predator-prey life cycle, meaning it needs two separate species of host mammals to reproduce. The first species (definitive host) is the opossum, which passes oocysts (like eggs) in its feces; these are then .
  5. Mar 27,  · Think about your horse’s registered name. While you can call your horse whatever you want when speaking to them, registries try to ensure that no two horses have the same name. Many breed associations and other organizations will have specific rules about the name of your horse. These will include rules about spelling and punctuation.
  6. May 22,  · The markings on an animal’s coat spelling out a whole five-letter word is most unusual, however, especially when the result is an eponymous identifier of the critter itself — as supposedly.
  7. What a boy horse called? what does the hair on the neck called? A narrow white mark, which runs down the face from the forehead, is called a; A broad splash of white that covers most parts of the forehead between the eyes and carries, right down the nose to the muzzle is called a; Any kind of mark, which appears on the forehead of a horse, is.
  8. I'm inclined to see horses as people, too! *GRIN* Think they're just pretty much like us only in different bodies. Have witnessed numerous accounts over the years (40+) of buddies being re-united after years with exuberance and joy in being together again.

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